Friday, September 11, 2009


The music of the most awaited movie “Blue” was out some days ago.Most of you would have heard the songs.I wanted to take some time to say anything about the songs because its one of the unique compositions by AR Rahman,something which I have hardly heard before in Shreya’s voice.I won’t say much about the songs because I don’t know how to describe them.Thats the case with me if it’s a Maestro composition.Lets get to the songs.

Let me talk about the song of which we are already aware and that’s “Aaj Dil Gustakh”.The video of this song was out after that Chiggy Wiggy song.The song is sung by Shreya and Sukhwinder Singh.I think this is the second duet of Shreya with Sukhwinder Singh.The track runs for five and a half minutes.The song has a latin touch if I am not wrong.Since the movie is all about stunts in water,Rahman has composed the track according to the theme.The song starts with some sargams sung by Sukhwinder.Shreya is the best versatile singer I have ever come across.Compare Bhor Bhayo from Delhi 6 with Aaj Dil from Blue….truly amazing..hats off to Shreya.The chorus part in the starting is interesting which also repeats in the song many times.The stanza of the song is mindblowing.It has a western classical touch.I am sorry for such a bad review of the song but this is what I feel for the song.Note Shreya singing sargams at the end.

Next song in the album is “Rehnuma” sung by Shreya and Sonu Nigam.This is the first time we are hearing Shreya – Sonu duet in a AR Rahman composition.Before saying anything about the song,let me tell you,this song is my favourite among the other two(Aaj Dil and Fiqrana) songs.This is something Shreya has hardly sung before.Its a jazz based composition.If you have the title track of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na by Rahman,then you would definitely associate it with Rehnuma.The beats at the starting are quite similar to that song.Shreya starts with the song modulating her voice to a sensuous mood(like Jaadu hai Nasha Hai).There’s a line “Qatil Ada” in the song…God…Cant say anything about the line.Shreya has done wonders.I wish it was a solo of Shreya.Sonu Nigam sounds nasal at times in the song.AR Rahman has used electric gitar as the main instrument in the song,though the keyboard also plays a important role in the song.The line “Zulfon Ki Kaid Mubarak” is just WOW….must hear song!!!!..There is a song titled “Jaan Hai” from the movie “James”.sung by the same set of singers.Rehnuma has same kind of feeling like Jaan Hai.I would request you to hear Jaan Hai before attempting this song.

Last track by Shreya is “Fiqarana”.Its again a duet,this time with Vijay Prakash.I wont say much about the song because Shreya hardly has 3 songs in the track.Its a nice peppy track.Great attempt by Vijay.Shreya has sung 1 line in between the antaras.

Overall,a very different attempt by Shreya.She again proves her versitality here.Hats off to Shreya and AR Rahman !!

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