Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Naangu Kangal

Firstly, I am very sorry for posting a bit late. Could not give many hearings to this song. Thanks to my college assignments. But finally gave 2 -3 hearings today and here I am with a new post.The song is a tamil one titled “Naangu Kangal” from the movie "Naan Avan Illai".Its sung by Shreya and Javed Ali. Music is given by D.Imman.Lyrics are penned by Pa.Vijay.

The track runs for 4 minutes 38 seconds.It has a typical D.Imman touch.I have heard only three songs by D.Imman so far(Unnai Mathiri and Aaradi),this one being the third one and I found a similarity between all the three songs i.e.the background.Talking about the song,its a romantic track(though I don't understand the language,can assume it through the tune).Shreya starts with the song after a haunting tune.Javed Ali has given good company to Shreya.The track has small small alaaps in between(starting of the stanzas).You will surely find a similarity between Unnai Mathiri and Naangu Kangal.The track also has a slight classical touch.Shreya,as always is soothing in the song.It also has a beautiful alaap at the end of the song by Shreya.Overall, a very melodious song and has a very strong touch of D.Imman.Hope to hear more Tamil songs by Shreya this year.

Hope you enjoy the track !

ps:The music of Three Idiots is about to release in some days.I am eagerly waiting for this one !


saq said...

Hi Nishant.
Sorry for posting stuff unrelated to the topic.
Don't know how to ask you questions privately. I just want to ask you if you have any idea where i can find Shreya's videos from saregama. I miss them so much. The ones on you tube are limited and unfortunately too short.

Thanks & Regards

Nishant said...

Hi Saqib
First of all,don't be sorry as you have not done anything wrong.You can discuss anything related to Shreya's songs here.Its not necessary that you have to ask questions only on the topics discussed.

Anywayz,you can find videos of SAREGAMA by Shreya in my orkut videos:

*Though I can' assure that you will get every Shreya video from SAREGAMA.Youtube recently deleted some videos like Saavre,etc.

Hope to hear from you soon :)


saq said...

Thanx a lot. I too am a huge Shreya fan and my ipod contains only her songs. Would like to know your favourite 5 hindi songs of Shreya. Mine are Leja Leja, Pooche jo koi, Piyu bole, Teri Ore and Rehnuma. Also since you are in touch with her i appeal to you to encourage her to please appear on TV more often especially in saregamapa ( I heard they will have 1000 ep. celebration or something soon)

Nishant said...

Same here Saq.My ipod also contains only her songs.And yes,u asked the question I hate the most :P.

Honestly saying,I can never choose a single or 5 best or 10 best songs of Shreya.Every song of Shreya is close to my heart.

And I too heard that SAREGAMA is completeing 1000 episodes and I am expecting Shreya to be invited there.

saq said...

Of course I expected that. Its just too many gr8 songs. I myself was shocked i left out songs from Devdas and Jism. Let me try and rephrase(determined to get an answer) Which are the songs that you listen to more often as compared to others. If you don't remember, check your ipod for most played :) Am really interested in finding out.

Nishant said...

As I told,every song of Shreya is close to my heart and I randomly select any song in my ipod and hear it...seriously :)