Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shuruvagide - Maleyalli Jotheyalli

Finally, it’s the time to write about that pending Kannada song which I was talking in the previous post. The song is titled “Shuruvagide” from the movie “Maleyalli Jotheyalli”. Is sung by Shreya and Shaan.Music is composed by V.Harikrishna.

Well, the track runs for 4 minutes 20 seconds. Its a romantic song but it has a feel of little naughtiness too(guessing from the tune, not lyrics).You may guess that the song could be a peppy one after hearing the guitar piece in the starting.Shreya sings after the first line by Shaan.The song is a usual romantic number.The composer has used instruments like saxaphone,guitars,etc.Shreya gets to sing the last lines of each antara.The song also has a humming by a chorus singer which is quite impressive.Mostly,the lines are sung by the male singer but Shreya's lines are as always, delight to hear. I don't have much to say about the song as Shreya doesn't have much to sing(don't compare with Shukraan Allah , Soniyo,etc)


Pramod said...

Harikrishna gave 3 songs to Shreya Ghoshal including a solo song in his previous movie "Raaj the showman". But its very sad to see only one song from this movie and also she has sung very less part of the song.........

saq said...

Hi Nishant its me back again. Plz tell me why u were so against Shreya appearing on Star reality show. I was really hoping to see Shreya on tv after so long. I 've read somewhere that Sunidhi is doing the show now. Am really sad :(

It would have been gr8 to see Shreya performing on TV again as only few lucky ones are able to catch her live shows. I honestly don't care about the rest of the people on that show, but Shreya........ohhh i thought my wait had finally ended.

Warm Regards

Nishant said...

Hi Saq.Welcome back

Firstly,I am not against on Shreya appearing on reality show but I was very much against this show because here,every mentor will have separate teams and they'll be competing(just like SAREGAMA Challenge)..and der r some ppl judging da show who r very arrogant....

But finally,she is der in the show.She tweeted me today:

shreyaghoshal @ nshiuy ---> Don't worry nishant. It won't be that bad. All will be in good taste..

So,I am relaxed now :)

saq said...

You made my day. Best news 4 a long time. Cant wait 4 the show to begin. Theand from what I have read there are no judges. There is supposed to be live audience voting and i am sure Shreya & her team are going to win.

As for fighting, I know Mr Reshammiya & Mika will resort to all that to try and win as they simply stand no chance otherwise among talented singers like Shaan, Shankar, Mohit Chauhan (Shreya is different class nyways)
Even mentors will perform and it will truly be rocking. Hope we have a great time watching.

Warm Regards

sonu said...

Hey nishant really like your blog. It's the best I have ever seen

Nishant said...

Thanks a lot Sonu :)