Monday, November 16, 2009

Anuraga Vilochananayi - Neelathamara(Malayalam)

Finally, Shreya’s 5th Malayalam song releases. Her Malayalam songs have been mindblowing.I would have posted about this song 3 days ago but didn’t get much time as I am preparing a very special thing for a very special person(will let you know aftee I complete it)..ahh,most of you must be knowing what I am talking about.Anywayz,let me come back to the song.

As the title of the post suggests, the song is titled “Anuraga Vilochananayi” from the movie “Neelathamara”.Its sung by Shreya and P.Sreekumar.It has music by Vidyasagar.Shreya’s previous association with Vdyasagar(Tamil and Hindi) have been great. I am glad that Shreya has sung for him in Malayalam too.The song runs for 4 minutes 35 seconds.Its a melody. The track starts with a lovely tune played on flute.The male singer starts with the song.Shreya comes later in the mukhda singing in her honey - soaked voice.The lines which Shreya sings in the mukhda are outstanding as the notes changes after the male lines(hope you got it).Somehow,I felt the background was similar to that of Rafta Rafta from Hulchul,though it also had music by Vidyasagar but Anuraga Vilochananyi has completely different to offer otherwise.In one of the music reviews,I read that Shreya has pronounced the words even better than the malayalam singers.Well,its not a hard thing for Versatile Shreya.The antaras of the song are beautifully made,with beautiful instruments giving company to it.There's a beautiful humming by Shreya before the second stanza starts.Don't miss it.Its very impressive and I need to say anything about Shreya's singing here after because I don't think I am capable of doing that.Still,I have only one word to say: "Shreya is the best and very versatile".

I am sure you all are going to love this song.

ps:One Kannada song is also lined up.Will post it soon.


Salini said...

This is a wonderful song sung by shreya...
As a malayalee i can say that her pronounciation is simply superb...

naran said...

yes you said it...nishant.
This is the first time i heard shreya's malayalam song. since am a malayalee i can say that its absolutely superb!!!
I become a blind fan of "Our GREAT Shreya". She is very much blessed.
Keep it up shreya.
thanks to vidhiya sagar, vayalar sharth & Lal jose to make such a beautiful song.

neeraj said...

masterpiece,incredible bt certainly was xpected dis type of stuff frm ppl whu have taken forth carrying som xtraordinary stuffs wid be honest SHREY.A :) z CERTAINLY D ONE ..she z so familiar wid d pronunciation as if itz her mothertounge..datzz simply shows dedication of a singer towards music n offcourse d versatility .. she z nvr the less in pronunciating comparing to male..singer..though i don't get the words but still it reveals vrythng...
n u NISHANT.. :) really give perfect n enormous analysis of each n vry song... amazing yaar
really doin a splendid job brother..

Nishant said...

Thanks a ton Dear Neeraj :)

God bless u

Santhosh said...

I do not know what to say.. She is a wonder... no one can say that she is not a malayalee..

SHIJIL said...


This is one of the beautiful song shreya has sung in malayalam . Her voice & malayalam pronounciation is so nice in this song . really Shreya is a wonderful singer

NITIN said...

I ws at first surprised to hear dat shreya hs sung dis a malayali i can say dat she has pronounced the words really well.and nt to mention her sweet voice which adds soul to dis song.its just mind of d few malayalam songs dat i just touches ur heart.hats of 2 shreya.hoping to hear many such malayalam songs from her in future.

ratheesh said...

oh,what a beautiful song.thank u so much sreya.thanks a lot.

luvlygals said...

If u have the lyrics then please post it...

Nishant said...


Here are the lyrics:

Anuraga vilochananaay
athilere mohithanaay
padimele nilkum chandrano thiddukkam
anuraga vilochananaay
athilere mohithanaay
padimele nilkum chandrano thiddukkam

pathinezhin pournami kaanum
azhakellaam ulloru poovinu
ariyaathinnu enthe enthe dhannakkam
puthu minnukkam
cheerum mayakkam

anuraga vilochananaay
athilere mohithanaay
padimele nilkum chandrano thiddukkam
palanaalaay thazhe irangaan oru thiddukkam

kaliyum chiriyum nirayum kanavil
ilaneer ozhuki kulirill
thanalum veyillum punarum thodiyill
mizhikal paayunnu kothiyil
kaanaam ullil ulla bhayamo
kaanaan eeryulla rasamo
onnay vannirunnu veruthe padavil
kaathirippu vingallale
kaalaminnu mounamalle
maounam theerille?

anuraga vilochananaayi
athilere mohithanaayi
padimele nilkum chandrano thiddukkam
palanaalaay thazhe irangaan oru thiddukkam

puzhayum mazhayum thazhukum sirayil
pulakham pathivaay niraye
manasin adayill viriyaan inniyum
maranno nee neela malare
naanom poothu poothu kozhiye
eenom keetu keetu kazhiye
raavo yaathra poyi thaniye akalee
raakadambin ghandhamode
raakinavin chandhamode
veendum cheerille

anuraga vilochananaay
athilere mohithanaay
padimele nilkum chandrano thiddukkam
palanaalaay thazhe irangaan oru thidukkam

saji said...

I Realy Love this song and sreya..
u r amazing thanks..lot.

Saji said...

Hi friends,
I don't know how to express my gratitude ...Just mind blowing and superb. I thought she was a Keralite at the moment when I heard it and I was eager to know who is this new avatar!(this implies the effort she put to make this song perfect). And the song "kizhakkupookum" in the film Anwar is outstanding and is capable to retain her National Award. Even though she is not a Malayalee , we are loving you and your versatile voice...My Congrats and my best regards to Shreya . KEEP GOING.........

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.

parthi said...

hi., friends... Am from tamilnadu, i dono malayalam, but it is very pleasure to listen shreya goshal songs in malayalam....

Anonymous said...

hi friends am from tamilnadu, i dono malayalam bt it is very pleasure to listen shreya goshal songs in malayalam...