Thursday, June 3, 2010

Khuda Mere Khuda

The trailer of Khuda Mere Khuda was out some days ago and I even posted its link in Twitter's fanclub , though the full song came some days ago.Its from the movie "Krantiveer - The Revolution".

As the title suggests , its titled Khuda Mere Khuda .Its sung by Shreya and KK. Music is composed by Saschin - Jigar ( Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar fame) .Since the music is by Sachin - Jigar , I was expecting a melody as the title track of their debut movie was a melody which became a rage all over.Well , Khuda Mere Khuda falls exactly in the same category of that song (though it was not by Shreya).The track runs for 5 minutes 27 seconds.It starts with a beautiful harmony by Shreya. She starts with 'Lamha Ye Khaas Hai......" .Its a romantic track supported by western beats.It gives you a fresh feel.It has small small harmonies by Shreya in between.I am quite surprised with the composers as they have used the same instrument in the song which is only used by AR Rahman in the song Rehna Tu. I am forgetting the name of instrument but it sounds really beautiful and unique.Both the antaras are great.First lines of the stanzas are sung by KK followed by mesmerizing lines by Shreya.

I am completely in love with this track.Hope you all will love it too !

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