Thursday, June 10, 2010

Milenge Milenge

Finally , the music of Milenge Milenge releases. The production of this movie had been stopped for a long time due to some problems.Now since the music has released , let me tell you that Shreya has a duet in it , again with Himesh Reshammiya. Music is composed by him as well.

Its a title track which has two versions.Shreya has sung the first version with Himesh Reshammiya. It runs for 6 minutes 15 seconds.It starts with a haunting tune played on Piano , followed by a beautiful sargam by a chorus singer.The instrumentation of this song sounds a lot like "Sanam Mere Humraaz:" from the movie "Humraaz".For a change , Himesh sounds too different in this song.To be frank , very less nasal ! The song is about two lovers who are sure that they would meet one day.Its a very different composition with typical Himesh Reshammiya "old" style.Shreya starts singing 1:51 singing "Aap ki kashish ka kya kehna...." and she sounds completely divine.The lyrics are simple which are penned by simple.The antaras flows very well with the theme of the song and I am happy that atleast in this song , Himesh didn't sing whole part of the song.The second interlude is fantabulous which again involves the same sargam which came in the starting.The main lines of the second antara is sung by Shreya.I really liked the ay she ended "Manmoneya" at 4:58.The track reminded me of old Himesh compositions like Kyon Ki , Humraaz , etc.Once again , awesome song by our Shreya !

Hope you all will like the track !

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