Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dangal - Kushti

Few days ago , I posted the trailer of Dangal and I also said that I would review it only after it releases. Since it has released , so I am here with my new post.

The song is titled "Dangal".Its sung by Shreya and Sreenivas .The song is also composed by Sreenivas. Its a 5 minutes track. As the title of the movie is "Kushti" , so the song has little flavour of that only in the starting but overall , its a romantic song.The instrument used are saxaphone , santoor, etc. The song starts with Shreya rendering "Dangal Dangal" along with the chorus.The antaras are very impressive and Shreya is , as usual , angelic.Both the antaras are sung by her.She has put so much emotions in the stanzas.The second interlude involves an outstanding small alaap by Shreya which fits perfectly to the song and the background beats in the second interlude are amazing.I loved the way Shreya takes small harkats in her every song.for eg.In dis song , she took a small harkat in "koi na jaane" in the line "bebasi meri koi na jaane". Only talented artists can do that !

Hope you all will love the track :)

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