Monday, April 6, 2009

By Birthe - Mithrudu

Finally,we get to hear a Telugu song by Shreya after a long time and guess who's the composer??Its Mani Sharma after a long time....I wonder why he stopped using Shreya or may be Shreya didn't have time.Anywayz,lets talk about the song.The song is titled "By Birthe" and I definitely do not know what does it mean.

For those who still think that Shreya can only sing romantic and classical numbers after singing so many fast songs with ease,this song is again an example to prove them WRONG!!!!!.Shreya can sing every type of song with ease.Anywayz,By Birthe is a peppy number and yes,it comes in the category of her last Telugu song Vaade Vaade from Drona.The song runs for 3 minutes 38 seconds.Guitar and Violin gives good company to the westernised beats(not exactly) before the antara.Note the way she sings from 2:04 - 2:13.Must hear song!!!!!!!Hope to hear Shreya in KM Radhakrishnan albums too.

ps:Good news again.Shreya has two new Malayalam songs in the movie "Vande Materam" which has music by Vidyasagar.Will post more as soon as i get more information about the songs.

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