Friday, April 10, 2009

Gelati - Chellidaru Sampigeya

As said,I am here with the next Kannada post.Shreya is singing so many Kannada songs and hope it will continue in the coming years also.

Lets discuss about the song now.Its titled "Gelati" sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Kunal Ganjawala and music is given by S Narayan.The song runs for 4 minutes 39 seconds.This one is not melodious like Unnai Ninaithaen or O Chandamama but catchy in its own way.The singers start the song with a great harmony which is very unique.The main instrument used in this song is Tabla which is used perfectly after the furst line of mukhda(the same thing repeats in the antaras too).I dont know if its a romantic number.It can be categorised in a new genre.Hope u'll enjoy the song!!!!

ps:I am sorry but I am very bad at reviewing songs of other languages.I wish I could understand all the south indian languages.I would have reviewed the songs much better.But to say the truth,Tamil,Kannada,etc songs are ery close to my heart.

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