Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enthaga - Romeo

I am extremely sorry friends.I could'nt post the review of Shreya's new Telugu song due to some reasons.I have not been coming online much .I got the news about this song 5-6 days ago.I wanted to post the information that day itself but could ot due to various reasons which I think is not appropriate to state here.

Anywayz,lets get to the point.Its the fourth Telugu song of Shreya this year.The song is titled "Enthaga" and the movie is titled Romeo.Music is by Agasthya.The song starts with a refreshing tune played on some string instrument which you also get to hear at the end of the song.The song is very fresh and has a refreshing feel to it.Shreya is sounding as usual extremely sweet in the song.The feel of the song changes when the electric guitar makes it entry in the song before 1st antara but the mood of the song returns when Shreya starts singing the first lines of the antara.I don't have much to say about the song.This song will stay in my player just like Aalapana.Anywayz,enjoy the song!

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