Thursday, May 7, 2009

Aayegi Nindiya Akhiyon Ke Ghar

As I mentioned about Shreya's upcoming Hindi releases,I also told you about Maruti Mera Dosst also.Its an animated movie starring Chandrachud Singh and Ritika Shrivastava.The music
of the movie is out and Shreya has one duet with KK titled “Aayegi Nindiyan”.Music is by Kartik Shah.For more information,Maruti is among the 108 names of Lord Hanuman.

The song runs for 3 minutes 48 seconds.Its not a peppy song,not a romantic number,not even a sad number,then what is it?Its a lullaby as far as I could understand.Since the language is Hindi,so my guess could be correct.The song starts with KK’s humming.He continues with the song singing “Aayegi Nindiyan Akhiyon Ke Ghar”.Shreya starts after 1st line of mukhda(starting of the song) by KK and she’s sounding extremely sweet in this song,infact more than that.The way she has rendered this song is very cute,specially the lines “Kehna Unse O Meri Gudiyan”.The composer has not used many instruments in the song since its a lullaby.He has used flute in most of the places in the song.The song reminded me of “Baat Kehne Ko” from the movie “Strangers”,though the tune is totally different.The only similarity is that both the songs are for kids. Its a very very cute song.Hope you all will love it.


G.Shyam said...

hi Nishant, ur blog postings r so good and the way u describe shreyaji's songs r too good. I came to know the song release through ur blog.
I want the website link for downloading the song wich shreyaji has sung in maruti mera dost.

Nishant said...

Hi G.Shyam
Thanks a lot for your appreciation.I simply write what i feel about the song.
Even I could not find the link.I'll send you the link as soon as I get it.Till then,you can hear the song:

Thanks once again :)
Keep Visiting!