Monday, May 4, 2009

Un Perai Sollum - Angadi Theru

Last Tamil release of Shreya was Marayadhai and Unnai Ninaithaen has become one of my favourite songs of hers.Shreya has again joined hands with GV Prakash in the upcoming Tamil Movie Angadi Theru dirceted by Vasantha Balan who also director Veyil was the first movie of GV Prakash as a music composer(please correct me if I am wrong) and Shreya had an unforgettable song in it titled "Uruguthey Maruguthey".Is Un Perao Sollum falls in the same category as Uruguthey Maruguthey and Poovinai?Lets see.

Well,the song is rendered by Shreya and Suresh Iyer(I've not heard of him before).It runs for approximate six minutes.The song is a unique romantic number.Though the song does not sound like the ones in Roja but it took me back to my old memories of childhood,because when Roja came,I was just a 2 year old boy.Anywayz,the song has an ARR touch to it,specially the flute piece before the second stanza gives you the feel of ARR songs.The song starts with an instrument called Earthenware pot(mostly used as a instrument in Carnatic Music.Its also called as Ghatam in classical language). Suresh starts with the song and just after hearing the first line,you will fell that the track is very special,fresh and a masterpiece.After some flute piece,Shreya continues with the song and the beats becomes louder and sounds mindblowing.GV Prakash has used many instruments like flute (which you will hear before the starting of both the stanzas{antara}).The way musicians have played the flute before the starting of second antara is worth listening.It continues in the same tone for some time.He has also used Violin which suits perfectly in thest type of songs.The singers sings Ooohhh after the starting lines(which also repeats between the lines of antara)which adds more freshness to the song and is very appealing.Well,I am very touched by this song.This song is one of the best Tamil songs of Shreya.

Mindblowing singing by Shreya and also by Suresh Iyer but Shreya is obviosuly the one who makes the song more special.Thanks to GV Prakash for making the superb compostion.
Don't miss it frnds!

ps:Its really sad that Shreya was not present at the Jai Ho Concert of AR Rahman.I don't know what is the reason.May be the websites gave wrong information.Some of my friends told me that Yuvan's Canada Concert is postponed and Shreya is not the part of the concert now.Well,its not a confirmed news.I hope its not true.


Bhanu said...

I agree with you ...its lovely song and ofcourse Shreya is brilliant in her pronunciations and intonations as always :-)

Nishant said...

Yup Bhanu.My fiends say that her Tamil pronounciation is perfect!
Even the people from Kerala says that her diction in Malayalam songs is perfect.

Ranga said...

Hi... This film was released on 26 March 2010. I would like to make just one correction. The male singers are Naresh Iyer and Haricharan. Both have sung a lot of songs in many Indian languages.

I am big of Shreya Ghoshal and a huge fan of music. This song is so good because the music, lyrics and singing goes with the situation of the movie.

Nishant said...

Hi Ranga..

Yep.I knw dat..but der names were nt written in sites I got confused :)

Anywayzm thanks for commenting :)

Keep Visiting :)