Monday, May 25, 2009

Tripple treat for us !

After a gap of less than 3 days,Shreya and Ilayaraja have joined hands again in an upcoming Kannada Movie Bhagyadha Balegaara.She has sung three songsa.All the songs are duets,two with Ilayaraja and one with Kunal Ganjawala.Lets get to the songs.

Balegara Balegara(Shreya and Kunal) - This song is rendered by Shreya Ghoshal and Kunal Ganjawala which starts witha flute like instrument.Ilayaraja has used instruemnts like Shehnai,Tabla,etc.Shreya starts with the song and the tune attracts in first hearing.This song is a mixture of Carnatic and Hindustani music as fasr as I could understand.At the end of the song,Shreya renders something like Ku Ku which makes the song perfect

Chendulli Chendulli(Shreya and Ilayaraja) - This track is rendered by Ilayaraja and Shreya.Well,this song has something different to serve.It has a little naugtiness where Shreya adapted perfectly.The way she sings "Aaha Minchulli........" is really outstanding.Raja Uncle(thats what i call Ilayaraja sometimes) has used instruments which suits the song perfectly.

Nannanne(Shreya and Ilayaraja) - Wow.....wat a song......thats what i said when i heard it.Its a romantic melody and has a very refreshing feel.Shreya renders the song mellifilously and gives great feel to the song.This one if my favourite among the two.

Must hear songs!!!!!!!!

ps:I'll update about Shreya's songs in Oy and her new Kannada song tomorrow as soon as I get time.


KIRAN RAJ S said...

Looks like your concern about Shreya not featuring in Nannavanu...has been put to rest with this album by Ilaiyaraja...Personally I liked all the songs...with a slight preference for Nannane and Balegara over Chendulli...This is their first in Kannada together...Hopefully...we have much to look forward to in Suryakanthi...

Nishant said...

Yes....I told u na that Shreya is singing in many movies for Ilayaraja :)
And yes,you are right.I was depressed after I saw the track listing of Nannavanu.Finally,I am feeling relaxed :)