Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shreya - Yuvan combo is back !

Finally,the day has come when I am writing about the song from a great combo which was absent for the past 2 years.Thought I am again late in writing about the song,I am happy to announce that Shreya has sunga solo track in an upcoming telugu movie "Oy" which has music by Yuvan Shankar Raja.Shreya has sung some every type of song with Yuvan.Be it the melodious "Ninaithu Ninaithu",be it the folkish "Dhavanipotta Deepavali" or be it the peppy "Enthakutharaiyin Varuva".Songs which Shreya has sung for Yuvan till now has a unique speciality as all comes in different categtory/genre.Ninaithu Ninaithu is one of my favourite Tamil songs of Shreya.Well,lets come to the point.

The track is titled "Anukoledenadu" which runs for almost 4 minutes 25 seconds and as I said,its a solo.We cannot call this song a peppy number nor we can call it a melodious number.Thats why I said every song of Yuvan - Shreya combo has some new to offer.The song is a happy celebration number if I am not wrong.It did remind me of Enthakutharaiyin.No,the song does not come in the category in which Enthakutharaiyin falls.The instruments used in "Anukoledandu" song is quite familiar to the other one.I was impressed by the song when I heard it first time,specially the beats n the starting of the song is quite impressive.Shreya once again proves her versitality in this song.

I hope we will get to hear more and more songs from this combo !

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