Sunday, February 14, 2010

Met My God - Part 2

All of you must be knowing about Shreya's concert in Delhi which happend on Valentines Day after I got the news of her concert , I couldn't do anything except surfing the net for getting tickets or passes.As you all know,I am a devotee of Shreya and getting the news for her concert made me jump off my chair.Finally, I got to know about the pass distribution in some mall.I immediately bought the passes and was waiting for 14th February to come like crazy !

Only one day was left and Shreya was doing a concert in Pune.Suddenly,I saw the news channel and heard that there was a bomb blast in Pune.All fans including me were going mad and only after Shreya confirmed that she was safe,I could breathe.Anyways, instead of talking more about bomb blasts(which makes me worried about those people who lost their closed ones) , I should proceed with my post.

Finally the day came. Just after I woke up , I couldn't think of anything else except meeting with Shreya.I bought a beautiful photo frame from market and put the snap which I had taken the last time I met her. I also bought a birthday card (hoping that I would give if I meet her) for her because her birthday is only one month far. I reached the place with my family where the Nightingale had to perform. Since I had only general passes, I couldn't enter through the VIP Gate. After seeing the tight security, I had completely lost hope that I would meet her. There was so much crowd and I , with my family simply entered the ground which was for the people with general passes. The concert finally started but it was not Shreya who started but some SAREGAMAPA contestant(don't remember his name. Had never seen him on television even after being the regular viewer of saregama).He sang some 2-3 songs and it was just like a filler. Finally, the time came when the host announced the name "SHREYA GHOSHAL" and before entering the stage, she stared with Suniyo Ji singing at the backstage and just after she sang the alaap of Suniyo Ji ,I couldn't control myself and started crying like a kid. For the one who waited for years to sing her live like crazy, crying would be a normal thing I guess. But that’s what we call "khushi ke aasoon". Everyone in the audience including the bodyguards were looking at me. There were mixed emotions. I was happy that I was hearing her live and I was sad because I knew no one would allow me to meet her.Finally she entered the stage and I was spellbound. She began with the song "Silsila Ye Chahat Ka" and needless to say,she sang it amazingly. She continued with the songs like Wada Raha , Agar Tum Mil Jao, Jadoo Hai Nasha Hai , Ishq Hua.I was praying to Lord Shiva that some miracle must happen so that I could meet Shreya. Just after she finished Jaadu Hai , my sister saw Shreya's mother coming and she recognized me and again, she treated me like his own child. She told every bodyguard with little anger that "He's Shreya's biggest fan." and she also said that "Yahi hai vo jo Shreya ko dekh ke rota aur shiver hota hai" (He is the one who cries for Shreya).I was completely shocked. And will you all believe that I came to the first row directly from the last? That’s called "THE MIRACLE OF LORD SHIVA”. Hearing Shreya directly from the first row was the dream come true. Now, I were known to the bodyguard who brought us in with the help of Shreya’s mother. Shreya continued with the songs like Shukraan Allah, Mere Dholna and just after she began Mere Dholna, everyone was screaming “Once More”. The way she was modulating her voice and taking her own harkats were mind-boggling. She took a break of 10-15 minutes and came back again and continued with the songs Barso Re , Ye Ishq Hai , Dhoom Tana , Zoobi Doobi , Jao Pakhi(on the request of bong people) , Gori Gori , Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha and finally she ended the concert with a beautiful medley having songs like Salaam-e-Ishq , Deewangi Deewangi,etc. The way she was singing non stop without any tiredness on her face was great. Finally, the show ended and I ran to the bodyguard but he didn’t allow me to enter. My heart was completely broken into pieces with the gifts in my hand. Suddenly, the bodyguard who was known to me came and he talked to the other person and he finally allowed only me to go to the backstage. I entered the backstage and Shreya was sitting with her mother, Uncle and Aunt.Now,let me start with the conversation.

Shreya: Hi :)

Me: Hello di.I was very very nervous.I touched her feet and took her blessings.

Shreya: How are you Nishant?

Me: I am fine..aap bataiye..

"I gave her the gift I had bought along with the card"

Shreya's Mother: I am opening the gift ok?

Shreya: Ya,I am not good in opening the wrappers.

"She loved the gift so much"

Shreya: Arre..birthday ka card abhi se?..Ya,pata nahi phir kab milenge..

Shreya's Uncle: Oh,you are the one sincere fan.Nice to see you.

Me: Yes :)

Me: This was my first time that I saw you performing live.

Shreya: Ya,it was your first time :)..How was it?

Me: Awesome, like always. How was your concert at Pune yesterday? I was so worried about you.

Shreya:Ya,I got your tweets . *Shreya talks about my tweets I sent to her when I heard the news about the blasts*.

Me: Did you like the lists I prepared for your website?

Shreya:Ya.Its done. I have already mailed it. You are my true fan. You have proved it.

Shreya talking to her Uncle:You know I wanted the list of songs for my website and he prepared it.

Shreya’s Mother talking to her Aunt: He helps Shreya a lot

Me: No,its my pleasure.What more could I have asked for?

Me: Your song Mannipaaya is amazing

Shreya: Oh Ya,someone even posted the translation of that song.

Me. It was me only :)

Shreya: Oh...:)

Me: Heard you sang a song(with KS Chitra) for Yuvan Shankar Raja recently

Shreya: Ya,I must have recorded that song long back.

Me: And what are your upcoming projects with Ilayaraja?

Shreya: Recently nothing happened because when he wanted to call me , I must have not been available.

Me: pic please

Shreya: Sure

"After taking the pic,it was time for her to leave.I touched her and her mom's feet once again and took their blessings.She went outside after meeting with me and sat in the car".

Can u people beleive that it was only me among the 2000 people who met Shreya?

As usual, it was all because of Lord Shiva that I met her.You are the best Bholenath and I love you :).

I can't thank Shreya's mother enough for what she has done for me today.Thank you so so much Shreya di.You are the best singer , performer and ofcourse the most down to earth human being on this earth.

I thank all my friends who prayed for me :)

At the end I would just like to say that if you respect someone from the core of your heart , then even the bodyguards with long moustaches can't do anything (hahaha) ..

Loads of Love


Devotee of Shreya


Mohit said...

Super awesome, Nishant!!!!! Now you must work toward the day you start composing for Shreya. That'll bring your story to a full circle. I hope I'll not have to confront moustached bodyguards when I come to meet you when you become a part of Shreya's team :) All the best!

Tusshar said...

Wow Nissh !! I have no words actually.... kya bataun... I was contemplating to call yesterday night. But resisted bcoz I felt u would b in a state of "mixed emotions".... I dint want to spoil that. How correct I turned out :P U coined the same word actually ;)) Now i tell u...."I know u very very well ;)"

I'm just overwhelmed by ur good luck : part 2. Feeling super-nice that they're such down-to-earth people unlike many other celebrities who just go yak yak yak saying "I love my fans" (Yawn!). But, this lady has got CLASS... and absolute regard for the person in u! Kudos to her.

Well....u shud have talked more this time....yeh kya....which r ur future with Yuvan-Chitra....U CUD HAVE ASKED ALL THIS ONLINE least shud have asked the landline number like I asked so that u can call her on her birthday n wish directly !

Anyways....looking at the 2nd time luck, I am sure a 3rd time is not so far away.....maybe kya pata...we'll all be conferencing in Yahoo someday lie the stupid daydream we made last day.... hehehe.....:P

Salini said...

Congarts nishant....
Soo happy for you...
You are really true fan of shreya di... :)

Prince said...

Hi Nishant,
Miracles do happen. And for some blessed ones miracles happen often. Meeting your GOD (though I differ in views, a part of GOD is there in every mortal including you)twice in such a short span is really unbelievable. I was also there in the front row at the show. The way she gave respect to Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty ji (who was sitting there among the audience)from the stage, made me believe that she is still so polite and down to earth even after getting big success. Salute to her parents for giving her such high values.

For you, I wish that the ALMIGHTY may extend his blessings so that you can fulfill your second wish of becoming a successful composer. All the Best.

VijayGadwal said...

Wow! very happy for u nishant :)
really enjoyed reading ur experience! especially the conversation :)
btw, i guess ur excitement had not come down yet when u wrote this, U have repeated the first two paras twice :)

Priya said...

Finally u did it Nishant :-) Really on reading Met my God Part 1 and Met My God Part 2, i got tears.I can feel how u were at the tym u met her.I said already and am saying again "You Deserve it"

Nishant said...

Haha...come on yaar..dnt say that ..Its all bcoz of wishes by u frnds dat I met her.

Hi Tussh.Yes,She and her family members are the most downto earth person on this earth.

Thank You so much Shalini :)

Hello :)..So nice to hear dat u were in the same row.Ya,when she can welcome a common person like me so warmly , then Pt.Ajoy Chokroborty is an big artist :).
She is an angel and thank you so much for your wishes :) ..May Lord Shiva bless u too.

Oops..sorry..I didn't notice.Yes,just like the last time,my excitement will take time to come down :)

Thank u so so much Vishnu :) ..You Twitter followers rock !

Janhavi said...

hi nishant!!!
heartiest congrats...........
you are the true fan
from you i got an inspiration that some day i would also meet shreyadi........

satyarafi said...

nishant, i know it was gr88 moment for you. but u really deserve it.
congrats dost :)
U r lucky :)

neeraj said...

first of all heartiest felicitation fr d lifetime opprotunity n d privilege dt u got to meet d angel again :)
doin miracles z nt such a big deal
fr bleseed n committed ppl like u :),
n doin favours cn sy showing gratitude,being humble z nt such a big deal for ppl like shreya :)..
u 've proved it once again as u have done d same n mere short span of time.really overwhelming meeting dt would have been,,itz been all clear frm ur ample post.i know itzz really tough to resist d emotions wen situations likes dis confront.iDO BELIEVE u two will keep doin ur jobs. might god bless both of uuuuuuuuuu
me awaitn fr d 3rd... :P

Nikita said...

Dat ws a great read Nishant :) Felt like m reading 1 of dose motivating and inspirational stories dat reinforce our belief in the almighty. Sooo happy for u...knowing u since quite sm time nw, i cn surely say dat u are 1 unique fellow :P and any1 associated wid u will b proud...b it Shreya or ur friends :)
Hope 2 read manyyy such posts in the future also :)
God Bless U...

Nishant said...

Can u beleive her mother herself came to receive me outside bcoz she asked me to wait outside...Its all bcoz of her dat I met Shreya

Thank u so much for showering your blessings on me.Love u all :)

saq said...

Hi Nishant

First of all heartiest congratulations. Also, thanx a lot for the lovely post. I had been feeling so low on having missed this golden opportunity, but just reading this made me feel better. I could actually feel your happiness through your words.

Now, I will end by wishing you another divine experience soon when she comes for the National awards.

All the best!
Warm Regards

Nishant said...

Thank you so much for your wishes Saq :)

mike said...

hi nish, u r story made me cry too (kushi ke aansoo).really u truelly deserve it yaar.i am very happy for u.long time no see,hope to catch u soon .tc

raj said...

really nishant.hats off to u man,it's really heartening to see dreams coming true atleast of others.u r a true fan..hope u keep on meeting her again and again.

ria271089 said...

Hey everyone!
I am a huge fan of Shreya Ghoshal.And guess what, I am her first fan too (since the last 7 years).Yes she is indeed a very nice person.
I talked to her when I was in the 8th standard!unfortunately we are not much in touch these days.I have made this video for her.I think it is her FIRST FAN VIDEO too.It is a MUST SEE FOR ALL SHREYA FANS.plz see,rate and comment on it there.


Nishant said...

first fan?I am also her devotee since Devdas days..

Anywayz,the video is gr8..some parts made me cry but certain things shud hav been avoided.

ria271089 said...

sorry it will since 8 years, not never counted years like that.she sent me the letter after 2yrs of our frndship.letter came in it means i am her fan since 2002...

Nishant said...

Check your orkut msgs.

saq said...

Hey bro! wassup??
very little activity here. u busy or wat??? missing ur posts :)

Nishant said...

Hi Saq :)

No..I am not busy..Just like the last time..I wanted the article "Met My God - 2" to stay as a first post for sometime..dats y didn't post anything..Anywayz,I was just posting new articles today and ur comment came :)

Ravi Agarwal said...

Hi Nishant
Your article is awesome.You really seems to be a huge fan of Shreyaji.My respect towards shreyaji has increased n times after reading your article.God bless you:)

Best Regards
Fan of Shreya Ghoshal(Ravi Agarwal)

Nishant said...

Thank u so much Ravi..God Bless u too :)

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such a cute incident! :) I'm very happy for you... I hope one day I'll also go to meet her not as her fan but a sucessful singer as well as her big fan :) congratulations bhaiya! :) :)