Monday, February 8, 2010

Mehroom - Click

Shreya’s new Hindi song from the movie “Click” was released two days ago and I happened to listen to it the same day.

Its titled “Mehroom Hua Na Dil Kabhi” .Music is composed by Shamir Tandon.I always wanted Shreya to sing for Shamir Tandon, reason being his awesome tunes ofcourse.Its sung by Shreya and Shaan.Its a 5 minutes track.Its a beautiful romantic song with a slight haunting feel to it.Shreya starts with the song after a beautiful humming.The track is supported by westernized beats followed by some light music.Most of the part of the song is sung by Shreya.Note the way she sings Mehroom in a different way as the word repeats.The antaras are beautifully made.Shaan accompanies Shreya in the antaras.The song has a distinct feel to it.With some beautiful Urdu words,the lyrics makes a great impact on the song.

Overall , a very nice melody having flavor of both western and traditional music.

ps:There's one more Hindi song of Shreya lined up.Will post about it soon.

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