Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rang Dalunga Chunari

Hello friends. I aH Hello friends.I am back with my posts. The reason of not posting is that I wanted the article “Met My God -2” to be the first post for some days. That’s what I did when I met her last time. I think I did not post for 10 days then. Anyway, I am back again. Shreya had many new releases in Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada this week.

The song I am goin The song to write about is from the movie “Do Dilon Ke Khel Mein”. The song is titled “Rang Dalunga Chunari”. Music is by Dabboo Malik and sung by Shreya and Udit Narayan.Two other singers have also sung. They don’t have much important role to play in the song. Many of you must have guessed the theme of the song from the title of the song. Yes, it’s a song of Holi celebration .Shreya have sung many Holi songs earlier like Rang Daalo from “Banaras” , Holi Hai from “RGV Ki Aag”. Rang Dalunga is also of the same theme and we can relate all the Holi songs. The beats are mostly same in all the holi songs. This song doesn’t surprise us and gives us the same mood like other Holi songs. The track is full of fun and naughtiness. Also, Holi is on Monday, so I am writing on a correct date. Versatile Shreya sounds very sweet in the song , specially in the dialogues which comes in both the antaras.I don’t have much to say about the song as it has the usual theme which you all have already heard.

Hope you will enjo Hope you guys will enjoy the track and Happy Holi to Shreya and all her fans :)

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