Monday, May 24, 2010

Ali Maula - Le Chakka (Bangla)

Finally , I am posting about my recent favorite number of Shreya which is titled “Ali Maula”. It’s a Bangla track from the movie “Le Chakka”. Music is composed by Indradeep Dasgupta.

Shreya has sung the track with Shaan and Shadab Hussain.The track is a mixture of Sufism and melody.The track starts with Shadaab singing "Ya Ali" giving a Qawalli type of a touch to the song and you just wait Shreya to sing the same lines.But unfortunately , that doesn't happens.Instead Shaan proceeds with the song changing the theme of the track from a qawalli to a romantic track.Finally,Shreya comes at 1:43 singing with her mesmerizing voice.The first interlude has something very special for us(Shreya fans). Well , Shreya sings Ali Maula amazingly with a classical touch which will surely give u big goosebumps.The way she has sung those words is truly mesmerizing.The composer Indradip has done an awesome job but I wish it was a solo of Shreya.The track has only one antara.The song ends amazingly with Shadaab's singing.

ps:Pleas hear Shreya's tracks irrespective of language.Music has no barrier for languages.Shreya has done wonders in regional languages as well. So , please give it a try atleast !

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Piyali said...

hey plsss can u say me where do i get the lyrics of song ALI MAULA(Le Chakka)??