Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shreya wins Suvarna Award for Na Naguva Modalene

Our Nightingale has won Swarna Award (Popular Choice) for my favorite and the very deserving “Na Naguva Modalene” from the movie Manasaare.I am very happy that she got the award for this track.She even retweeted my tweet regarding this information and she replied back to one of my tweets saying "Ofcourse :) " where I asked if she was happy with my blog and other updates :) .I am feeling very satisfied today.Thanks a lot Shreya di for your blessings.

And Hearty Congratulations for the Swarna Award..God Bless u always :)


tejal said...

oo..i luv dis song nishant

Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice to see your blog! I want an info on a song I heard in the FM. I'm sure it's from Shreya, 'thoda badmashi..thoda shaitani...' which is this song? can you give some info on this?

Nishant said...

Thanks for liking the blog :)

Its the song from "Saawariya".

Its titled "Thode Badmaash Ho Tum"

Shreya was also nominated for this song in IIFA 2008.

Thanks for commenting :) ..Keep Visiting :)