Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mella Mella Ee Preethi

Another Kannada song of Shreya is out.Its from the movie "Nanjangud Nanjunda". As the title of the post suggests , the song is titled "Mella Mella Ee Preethi" .Music is composed by KV Ravichandra. Its a duet sung by our Nightingale Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam.

The track runs 4 minutes 13 seconds.Its a romantic track starts with a amazing interlude. Sonu Nigam starts with the song first and I am quite impressed with his vocals this time ( though I am not his fan to be frank) .As usual, Shreya mesmerises us with her honey soaked voice.This song comes in the category when the couple is dancing together in tha rain ( I am just guessing).The song is supported by many instruments like saxaphone , guitar , etc.The first line "Mella Mella" is very romantic , though i don't understand the language. The stanzas are excellent with a little naughtiness.Saxaphone plays a major role in the track.This reminds me of many rainy songs from late 90s (Bollywood).KV Ravichandra has done an awesome job and needless to say , Shreya rocks like always.

I am sure you all are going to love it !


appu said...

This is a vary melodius track,I here it many times.I am from Karnataka that is a vary good track and Our Queen Shreya made it so beautiful by her Sweet Voice I am vary big fan of SHREYA GHOSHAL. I am vary happy to be in this Shrey'S fan club.

appu said...

Hi I am Appu from KARNATAKA.I am vary big fan of SHREYA GHOSHAL,even there are many singers in kannada industry it is my pleasure to here SHREYA songs,i like SHREYA's all songs and i most like to here her kannada songs and about the song MELLA MELLA PRETIYALLI MELLUVA this is vary good song it got vary good music,lyric and it is made more beautiful by SHREYA's voice i here that song once in a hour

Anonymous said...

So cool! Thanks.