Thursday, May 20, 2010

Balukthalamma Nam Kaveri - Naanu Nanna Kanasu

Hello Shreya fans !!

Sorry for posting late but my exams were going on and I didn’t want to post in a hurry , though I was quite active in the Twitter fanclub of Shreya but reviewing the songs needs more concentration.Anywayz , continuing the tradition of the blog , I am here with the next new Kannada release of Shreya. Its from the movie "Naanu Nanna Kanasu".The movie released some days ago but the songs were not available anywhere !.

Shreya has sung a duet with Hemanth Kumar titled "Baluktalamma Nam Kaveri". Music is composed by Hamsalekha.The track runs for 5 minutes 52 seconds.It brings us both the south Indian and punjabi flavor.It starts with Hemanth Kumar singing the Punjabi lines supported by Punjabi beats and the theme of the track completely changes when Shreya starts with "Balukthalamma...." .Hemanth Kumar again sings Punjabi lines in the mukhda.The song is supported by traditional instruments like dholak , matka(used mostly in Karnatic music).As I said , the song is a mixture of Punjab and Bangalore(if I am write) , the theme of the song keeps changing from Punjabi music to Karnatic music and vice versa.The antaras are fantabulous and also quite difficult but what is difficult for our Shreya.She can manage every type of track !.I really liked the way she pronounced "Pacche pacche payirina sogasu" (Please forgive me for wrong spellings).There is hardly any space to take breathe in the antara but Shreya sings it effortlessly.Hats off !!.. The way she holds her voice in the line "Nadiyamba Nariye" is AWESOME !!.. Thats called real singing.

Don't miss the track please. !!

Hats off to Shreya :).


Pramod said...

Prakash Raj is a director of this movie and this is the first time he directed a movie. But praksah raj is a four time national award winner for best actor and is a well known actor in the south. He said in one of the interviews that this song is very difficult to sing and only Shreya Ghoshal can sing these kind of songs.
This is one of the best compliment once can get from one of the versatile actor of Indian cinema.

Nishant said...

Rather say that its his luck that he got our angel's voice in d movie !

Anonymous said...

She's indeed amazing! Not to mention her Silsila Ye Chaat Ka from Devdas! Wow... I m floored.. And Balukthalamma is just another masterpiece by this angel.. Currently my favorite as well!

Big love from
indonesia ;)