Friday, May 7, 2010

Kalvare - Raavanan

Finally, I am posting about Kalvaare. Sorry guys but again, the so called exams are on my head now. So, didn’t get time to post before. Anyway, I don’t think I am much late. So, let me continue with the post.

I was very sad that after I saw the track list of Ravan( Hindi) but I knew that she would have a song in Raavanan (Tamil) as Shreya herself told that in Twitter few months ago. Shreya has sung the Tamil version of Khilli Re. I don't understand why Shreya was not there in Raavan. Anyway , continuing with the Tamil version, the song is titled "Kalvare". It is a solo by Shreya. Music is by AR Rahman.

After the mesmerizing Mannipaaya , I was very curious to hear the next song of the fantabulous combo of Shreya and Rahman.They create magic!! . So , lets see if the same magic is created in Kalvaare or they have gone one step ahead of creating miracles. Kalvaare is a short track which runs for 4 minutes 12 seconds.After I heard the track , I just said that "Rahman is back with his old melodies" which I also felt when I heard Mannipaaya. What more you need when Shreya sings this type of a track ? The song starts with a small beautiful interlude and Shreya picks up with the song and the first line itself haunts you.Its an amazing beautiful melody which would take you to another world.Shreya sings every single word with emotions and completely overshadows Reena Bhardwaj who sang the Hindi version. Khilli Re would have been more beautiful if Shreya sang it!!

Coming back to the track , the song has something very special for us - an amazing interlude by chorus after the mukhda.It has amazing alaaps by the chorus supported by flute , tabla which gives peace to the mind.The song has a Hindustani classical music touch. The stanza/antara is fabulous.The way Shreya sings En Aasai Neeye Sonnal will melt your heart. It also has slight zig zag notes when she sings "Valimigum Idangal...Thamizhukku Therigindrathey.

Please don't miss this song thinking that its a Tamil song. As I always say , please hear regional songs of Shreya too.Music has no barrier for languages.

Thank you Shreya and Rahman for giving this masterpiece !! :) ..Hats off !!

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