Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gelluba Gelluba - Nooru Janmaku

Finally , I am back with a new post. This time, its about a Kannada song.Shreya has a solo in it.The song is titled "Gelluba Gelluba". Music is composed by Mano Murthy.

The track runs for 4 minutes 34 seconds.Its a Arabic style of a track with amazing arabic beats.Mano Murthy has never tried this style of track with Shreya before. Shreya sounds completely different ( like she sounded in the telugu track Okkasari) and proves again that there is no one like her in rendering different genres. People who are not aware of every song of Shreya will obviously not able to recognise her voice in this track .She has again shut the mouth of her critics. The arabic lines are sung by some other singer.Make anyone hear any romantic track of Shreya and Gelluba Gelluba simultaneously and tell me if they are able to recognise the voice.Thats the specialty of our Nightingale !! Thats all I can say about this track..

ps: Next post coming about another new Kannada song !

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