Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shreya's song in Jhoota Hee Sahi

Shreya has tweeted last year(when she joined Twitter) that she had sung for AR Rahman in 1-800 Love. To the ones who are still not aware, let me tell them that the title has been changed to Jhootha Hee Sahi. So, do not wait for 1-800 Love now!

The trailor of the movie was out last week and promo of the first song came out some two days ago and the great news is that the song is sung by Shreya. Its titled “Cry Cry” which is a duet with Rashid Ali. So, I am posting the trailor of that song here, though I had already posted it in the Twitter fanclub (@ultimateshreya) More talks on the song when the music will release.

Here you go:

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