Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eradu Jadeyannu - Jackie

Finally, I am here to talk about one of my recent favorite songs of Shreya. Its again a Kannada track from the movie Jackie and it released many days ago but I couldn’t write about it. Anyway, lets talk about it now!

Its titled “Eradu Jadeyannu” and its a duet by Our Nightingale and Sonu Nigam. Music has been composed by V.Harikrishna. It runs for 4 minutes 45 seconds. The song starts with a very beautiful tune which I find quite similar to the one played in Jiva Rangala (Shreya also won 4th National Award for this).This tune gets repeated in the whole song. Its a melody and it has a slight oldies flavor to it. The song is so sweet and Shreya's voice makes it even more sweeter.The instrumentation, composition and singing ofcourse is fabulous.If you notice, the tune played from 1:29 is quite similar to the one played in the starting of Saansein Ghulne Lagi (Aetbaar). The antaras are made perfectly.Its one of the sweetest melodies I've heard till date. The second interldue involved a great piece played on the instrument like Guitar and I really liked the way Shreya started with first antara after the interlude finishes.I am in love with this song! So, if you miss this song, you are in a loss!


appu said...

wonderful song it is a very melodious track once again hats of to Shreya

drshn said...

i found your blog when i was searching for a particular song of shreya on FM. I dont remember the title of the song or the movie name but the tune is stuck in my head, it has the words PREETIYA, BIDA LENU, NINNA OMME. Let me know if something comes to ur mind. The song is AWESOME.

Nishant said...

I'll try to find :)

Sunil Kumar said...

Please translate the below lines of this song to english...
Please i am begging you.. Please help me.. send it to my email

Nee Doora Nintaaga Baayendu Naa Ninna Koogodu Chatavallave..
Ishtondu Olavalli Ninna Neera Tolannu Bayasode Hitavallave..

Please translate each word...Please

Anonymous said...

@Sunil, sorry i'm late. But do consider, if you're still waiting.
It has become a habit for me to call you whenever you stand far.
Its a satisfied feeling to seek your arms with such a love.