Saturday, September 4, 2010

Autograph (Bangla)

Now I am going to write about new Bangla songs of Shreya. Its from the movie Autograph. Shreya has sung two beautiful solos in the movie composed by Debojyoti Mishra (who also composed Megher Palok).

The first song is “Chal Rastay” which runs for 4 minutes 14 seconds. The song starts with a beautiful piece played on Piano. The song is so wonderfully sung by Shreya.The way she has pronounced every word is trulu amazing.I am completely speechless. Fabulous composition by Debojyoti Mishra! The song has so much peace into it.The moment you hear it, you are completely in some other world. Its supported with light instruments. The background music is very soothing. It has some shades of Shantanu Moitra’s compositions. The more you hear this song, more you will get addicted. Hats off to Shreya and Debojyoti for such a wonderful song!!

Second and the last song is titled "Uthche Jege".Its again a solo by Shreya having duration of 3 minutes 35 seconds. Its not a melody exactly but sort of a melody with light western beats. Though I don't understand the language, but I guess its a song of celebration and happiness.Note the harmonies by Shreya at the end of the song. Our Nightingale is completely a rockstar!

Hope you will like both the song and please do not miss "Chal Rastay".

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