Monday, June 29, 2009

Inthaku Nuvve - Snehithude

I wanted to write about the song day before yesterday just after I wrote about it in the Orkut Community of Shreya but because of exams, I could not. And one of the big reasons of not writing the post was power cut in Delhi, that too in “not so good season”.Anywayz now there is no power cut, so thankfully I can write the post now.

From the title of the song, many fans must have guessed correctly that its a telugu song. The song is a solo by Shreya which runs for 4 minutes 44 seconds. Music is composed by Shiva Shankar.When I heard the mukhda(starting) of the song. I was quite sure that it would be a peppy + romantic number but I was proved wrong when I heard the antaras(stanzas).I have been hearing this song continuously for the last two days and I am completely in love with the melodious track, specially the antaras of the track are mindblowing.The song starts with some “ Who are you” sung by chorus. The way Shreya sang Guchhi Gucchi in the starting of the song is very cute. There are some lines in the mukhda which reminded me of some lines of the song “Thendralum Maruthu”.I am sorry I am not able to write the Tamil lines here because I am very bad at it.Anyone can find the similarity between the lines though. The plus point of the song is of course soulful singing by Shreya ,light instruments and the composition itself(I said everything huh?).She has sung the antara with deep feelings and that’s one of the reasons I am getting mad over the song. After the first stanza, you’ll get to hear some lines sung by some other singer. It seems that the composer has done a lot of hard work in making the antaras.After the second stanza starts, you will feel the same magic which you must have felt in the first stanza.Note the way Shreya ends the line Nuvvala…………Neerputunte(Sorry for the wrong spellings but I felt it was necessary to write the lines).

The song also has a sad version sung by Shreya and Karthik which runs for two and a half minutes approximately, having only one antara .Its equally soulful and touching.

Well, that’s all I can say about the songs.

Hats off to Shreya and also the music director for giving the fans such a beautiful song.

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