Friday, June 12, 2009


Finally,the music of the most awaited movie “Jashnn” is out.I was expecting a lot from the music(only songs of Shreya) of this movie.Shreya has sung two duets in Jashnn,one with Shaan and other with KK.There is a correction in the information I gave about Jashnn.The music of the song “Tere Bin” is by Sandesh Shandilya,not by Toshi - Sharib,though Nazrein Kahan is by Toshi – Sharib.

Tere Bin – This one is a duet between with Shaan.The song is a romantic number full of emotions and feel.Shaan starts with the song and the first line “Tere Bin Kahan Humse” is so impressive that you will love the whole song.What can I say about Shreya??She,as usual sounds like a Nightingale in the song.The song does not has traditional instruments.Sandesh has used light instruments in the song.Shreya has sung some great songs with Sandesh before too.Last one was Pyar from a Punjabi Movie Jag Jeyondeyan De Mele.Anywayz,I think this song is one of the best songs of Shreya in 2009 .

Nazrein Kahan – Second and the last song is a duet with Shaan.Sadly,Shreya does not have much to sing in this song.The song is sung by KK,Sheya has sung only 2-3 lines in the song including some background vocals,though the song is very good.

Hope you people wil enjoy the songs!

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