Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kyun Phoolon Ke - Kambakkht Ishq

Finally,the wait ends.Music of the most awaited movie Kambakkht Ishq is out and our Shreya has sung two songs in the movie.No,the song is same but there are two versions of the song.One is a duet with Shaan and other is the solo of Shreya,though there is hardly any difference in the songs.As we all know,Shreya has sung for Anu Malik after two and a half years of time.Phew….I had to wait a lot as this combo has given some memorable songs,be it Main Hoon Na songs or be it Soona Soona from Krishna Cottage,etc.

Lets talk about the solo as the duet is also completely same.Only the lines of Shaan(which are very less) are deleted from the song.So,if we talk about the duet or the solo,it means the same.Th first word came to my mind when I heard the song was MARVELLOUS.The song is so impressive that I was completely lost in the song.After Tere Bin for Jashnn,this song has increased my expectations for the album Blue in which Shreya has sung for Lara Dutta.Anywayz,let me come to the song again.The duet runs for 5 minutes 31 seconds and the solo runs for 4 minuttes 32 seconds.The song has a ANU MALIK STAMP on it(if you have heard his albums).Its a sad but a sweet song.The song starts with a beautiful tune played on Piano.The song ascends with lovely western beats which adds more colour to the melody and the whole feel of the song.The antaras of the song are simply mindblowing.There is a line in both the stanzas “Dil Kahe Ye Kyun Hua” after which Shreya comes back the line “Kyun……………” .I found it very impressive.I am not able to find suitable adjectives for the song.Hats off to Shreya for rendering the song amaizingly.What I think is that this song definitely deserves a Filmfare or a Star Screen next year.This can only happen if the producers promote the song.Please don’t miss the song.Its a masterpiece.

Ps:Here are some Upcoming Projects of Shreya: Blue,Short kut – The Con is On , Anubhav , Dekh Bhai Dekh , Chal Chalein , Mr Singh Mrs Mehta , Prem Ka Game,etc.I will update more soon.

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Rajeev Singh said...

Indeed! She is the queen and she proved herself by singing a very soulful song "Kyun Phoolon ke khile khile rang ud gaye".
May she reign, may she keep on singing like koel.