Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Morning Walk

As I informed some days ago about latest Hindi releases of Shreya,I also mentioned about Morning Walk.Finally,the music has released and Shreya had three songs in the album,one being a solo and other two- duets.Music is composed by Jeet Ganguly.Shreya also sang in Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang for him.I am very happy to hear new Hindi songs of Shreya after quite a long time.Thanks to that producer's strike.Anywayz,lets talk about the songs.

Bhor Bhaye – Its a 4 minute 56 seconds track.I must have told u all that its a semi classical number.We all know Shreya is extraordinary at rendering classical songs.The song is sung by Shreya Ghosha,Ustad Rashid Khan and Jui Borua.The song is supported by western beats like Tera Vo Pyar from Ru Ba Ru.Ustad Rashid Khan starts with the song and the song has an amaizing beginning.The chorus renders after Rashid Khan rendering “Door Andheri Khidki Se……………….”.Shreya starts after Rashid Khan rendering the same line “Bhor Bhayi” and I being a fan of classical numbers,was completely spellbound.Not only the tune,but the song also has a wonderful meaning.Shreya renders the stanza with realistic feel.She is the only einger who can do that .Jui Borua who seems new to me,sings at the end rendering English lyrics as background and Shreya and Rashid Khan continues the song with a outstanding sargam.I really loved the number.I have no words.I knew that this song would rock and I would request the youth to give equal importance to classical numbers as they give to peppy numbers.Dont miss the song!

Dolna – It’s a solo by Shreya and runs for 5 minutes 32 seconds.Shreya solos have always been special for her fans.Its a sad song with a semi classical touch.The song starts with an wonderful alaap which lasts till 40 seconds.The feel of the song is quite similar to that of Dhoop Kajli(again solo by Shreya.Most of you may not have heard it).Again,the song has deep lyrics by Nida Fazli.The song is supported by great instruments like Sarangi.Shreya can sing any type of song easily.It seems as if she was really feeling the emotions of the heroine while recording the track.She has the best control in her voice.Note the way Shreya sings "Dolna" at the end.I just loved the track but I wonder if they will promote the song.

Meethi Meethi Baatein - The kast track is a duet between Shreya and Shaan.Its a romantic number.It falls in the category of Shikdum(that was also a duet with Shaan) from Dhoom if I am not wrong.The song is completely different from the above two tracks.The song has some funny lyrics "Chai vai chodo".Shreya sounds very cute when she says"Acha" in the first stanza.

I am very touched with the tracks,specially the first two tracks.I hope they will promote the songs well.

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