Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prem Kahani

We get to hear some more Kannada songs by Shreya.She is back with Ilayaraja in the Kannada Movie “Prem Kahani”(hindi titled in kannada?).She has sung two songs in the album.Lets discuss about the songs.

Rangu Rangu – The first track in the album is Rangu Rangu which is a duet sung by Shreya and Ilayaraja himself.Its a peppy duet.Raja has used his favourite(I guess) instrument violin(which I could only hear in the song except some normal beats).The song somehow remineded me of Oduthey Oduthey which was sung by Shreya and Karthk Raja,though the tune is completely different and as we know.Shreya can render any kind of song flawlessly,so she proves it again by singing this track.She is marvelous in classical,romantic or peppy songs.You name it,and she can sing it.

Aa Shringaru – The last track is titled “Aa Shringara” which is a solo by Shreya.This song has a strong Ilayaraja touch,though its composed by Ilayaraja only.Frankly telling,I did not understand in which category I should put this song.It is so different and impressive in its own way.Its tough too.The notes changes mostly in every line,specially in the antaras and Shreya has rendered it,as usual,beautifully.I am glad that Raja chose Shreya for this song.She must have been the only choice for Ilayaraja for this type of a song.I cannot describe this song anymore.Just hear it and feel tha magic of the magical Shreya – Ilayaraja combo!


Venu !! ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು ಹುಡುಗ !! said...

Hey nishant..

Thankls a million ton for this awesome blog bro !!!..

i too am a die hard fan of shreya, ever since i heard "jadoo hai nasha hai " and "chalo tum ko lekar" from jism and obviously all her awesome hits from kannada movies..

Nishant said...

You are welcome Venu.
Its nice to see new readers commenting in the blog :)


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