Friday, June 5, 2009

Dhadakta Dil - Detective Naani

Here comes the first Hindi song of Shreya after the irritating strike.I think I didn't inform you all about Detective Naani.Anywayz,this movies was slated to release in 2007 but for some reason,the producers are releasing it this year.Shreya has sung one duet with Shaan titled "Dhadakta Dil".Music is composed by Jolly Mukherjee who is also known as "King of Strings".He is known for working with the Madras Cinematic Orchestra, where he combines percussion sampled from Bombay (such as the pakhvaj) with strings from Madras.

The song runs for 4 minutes 45 seconds.The song is a romantic melody,little different from usual romantic songs.Shaan starts with the song singing "Koi Aaye Ya Na Aaye........".Shreya continues with the song after the symphony ans is sounding extremely sweet.Jolly has used simple instruments which suits the song perfectly.Shreya sounds very cute when she sings "Chodo Tum Ae Jaane Ja" in the second stnza.The song is simple but very lovely.

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