Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bejanagi Premisu

Here comes another Kannada song by Shreya from the movie “Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi”.Music is composed by PB Balaji for whom Shreya also sang in Inba.Remember the song En Vizhigam Meethu?

Anywayz,the track is titled “Bejanagi Premisu”.Its a duet sung by Shreya and Tippu who sounds somewhat like Naresh Iyer in some lines.The song is neither peppy nor romantic.Its somewhat the mixture of both.The beats are western.The song starts with some Aaha Aa…. (voice very similar with Alisha Chinoy).Shreya moulds her voice according to the song and sounds superb.As I told,Tippu is sounding like Naresh Iyer in some lines.PB Balaji has worked hard on this song,specially on the stanzas.Adding Aaha to the song has made the song more impressive.Overall,I liked this song.Hope you’ll like the song too.

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