Monday, July 6, 2009

Upcoming Projects of Shreya

I have been informing about forthcoming projects of Shreya in Orkut Community.Today,I thought of writing them in my blog too.So,here are some upcoming projects of Shreya.


Music:AR Rahman

Movie:Chal Chalein


Movie:Do Knot Disturb

Music:Nadeem Shravan

Movie:Ki Ka Ku(Shreya has sung duets with Priyanka Chopra’s father in this movie)

Music:Pradeep Das

Movie:Love Khichdi


Song:Zara Sa Haskasa

Movie:Friends Forever

Music:Anand Raj Anand

Movie:Mr.Singh Mrs.Mehta

Music:Ustad Shujat Khan

Movie:Prem Ka Game

Music:Raju Singh

Movie:Chal Yaar

Music:Sajid – Wajid

Movie:Tumse Milkar

Music:Abhishek Ray

Movie:Dulha Mil Gaya

Music:Lalit Pandit

I think its enough for today.I’ll try to keep you all updated regarding the forthcoming movies in which Shreya is gonna sing.

Hope u all will like it.

Thanks !


s said...

There are two songs in Bengali movie "Brake fail" titled "Jodi proshno" ,"Sore sore jay" duets with Shaan .

Thanks Nishant for the listings...& Shreya has great projects lineup...

I am specially waiting for "Blue" & "chal chalein" with the maestros.

Nishant said...

Thanks S...I was going to write the review of those bengali songs.

Ya....even I am waiting for Blue and Chal Chalein.

You know some other upcoming projects of Shreya?

s said...

Nishant ,

I am sussi from the forum .I will let you know when I am confirmed about her any new song..

Nishant said...

Thanks :)

Ya,I know you are Sussi.

Keep visiting :)