Friday, July 17, 2009

Brake Fail(Bengali)

I hope you people still remember the Bengali movie “Antaheen” which had some mindblowing songs which will always be in my favourite songs list of Shreya.Most of you must not have heard Shreya’s songs in Antaheen.It had music by Shantanu Moitra which was out in last year.I request you all to please go through the songs atleast once.All the three songs which Shreya has sung are gems.Anywayz,let talk about the songs which she has sung in Break Fail which is again an Bengali Movie.I tried hard but could not find the music director of this movie.Will update you soon.

First song in the album is “Jodi Proshno Karo” sung by Shreya and Shaan.It runs for 6 minutes 22 seconds.Well,to be frank,I don’t understand the language at all just like Tamil,Telugu,etc.But let me tell,that Bengali is one of the sweetest language I have ever heard and all of you are aware that it’s the mother tongue of our Shreya too.Anywayz,lets come back to the song.The director has included some dialogues in the starting that continues till 42 seconds.The music director has used Sarangi after every line in the song.The uniqueness in the song is that it has no antara(stanza).It has only mukhda which repeats 3-4 times in the song just like Jao Pakhi from Antaheen.Seems like it’s a ched chad/one-on-one kind of a track.Shreya is the only versatile singer who can sing any type of songs easily.Look at the way she sings this song.Frankly telling,I dint like Shaan much in this song.I didn’t even like him in Kyun(Kambakkht Ishq) but Shreya ruled as usual.

Second and the last track of Shreya in the album is “Shorey Shorey Jaye” which happens to be my favourite.Again,it is sug by Shreya and Shaan.Thankfully,Shaan sounds good in this song.This one runs for 5 minutes 32 seconds.Again,Sarangi is used in this song which fits perfectly in the song.Its a sad song which starts with some lines “Main Janu Kyun Tere Man Ko………”sung by Shaan which are also sung by Shreya later and there’s a huge difference in the feelings Shreya has given in the lines as compared to Shaan.Anywayz,he sounds good.After some lines,Shreya starts with “Shure Shure Jaye”.The song has two antaras and the starting of both the stanzas is sung by Shaan.The lines repeat two times in the song in Shreya’s voice.Watch out for this song.It rocks!.I cant describe this anymore.

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