Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nominations of South Filmfare Awards

Great news for all Shreya fans…Shreya is nominated for 3 Kannada songs and 1 telugu song in South Filmfare Awards.Thanks to Kiran Raj for informing about the nominations.

Kannada Nominations:

1.Ninna Nodalento from Mussanje Maatu
2.Moggina Manasali from Moggina Manasu
3.Akasha Bhoomi from Mussanje Maatu

Telugu Nomination:

1.Merupula - Chintakayala Ravi

I am sure Shreya is also nominated in the Tamil section of South Filmfare Awards.I tried hard but could not find the nominations.Though I expect many songs such as Charal,Thaen Thaen,Poovinai,Avaram Poovukum,etc to get nominated.

In case of Kannada,.Ninna Nodalento has a bigger chance I guess and it really made me happy when I saw Shreya’s name in Telugu section.The most deserving “Merupula” is nominated.Hope she wins for Telugu too.

All the best Shreya :)

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