Friday, July 31, 2009

Chal Chalein

You all must have seen the video of the sonngs I posted last time.Anywayz,the music of Chal Chalein is out now.As we know,Shreya has two songs in the movie.Both are sung by Shreya,Shaan and Krishna.Music is by Maestro Ilayaraja.Last Hindi Movie of Ilayaraja was Cheeni Kum and we got evergreen songs by Shreya in Cheeni Kum.Be it Cthe title track,Jaane Do Na,Baatein Hawa…all the songs were mindblowing.So,does Ilayaraja create the same magic?Let me tell you frankly,the songs of the movie are not promoted at all.You’ll see the promoys hardly 2 or 3 times on the music channels.The star cast of the movie is also not good.Most of the names are new in the movie.Whatever it is,we all know what magic Shreya – Ilayaraja combo creates everytime.

First track in the album is “Shehar Hai Khoob Kya Hai Ye”.Its all about the city “Alahabad”.It tells you about the streets,famous places of Alahabad,etc.It runs for 4 minutes 38 seconds.The song starts with Shreya’s humming.I have been hearing this humming since last two months from the website.I thought it would be a solo.But I was wrong.I just love that humming.Shreya starts with the song first singing “Shehar Hai Khoob………”.Ilayaraja is the master in using different musical instruments.The ending line of the song “Albela Ye Phurteela” is quite appealing.I don’t have much to say about the song as its all about Alahabad.

Next and the last track of the album is “Uff Arrey Tu Mirch” ,again sung by Shreya,Shaan and Krishna.The song runs for 3 minutes 53 seconds.It starts with some great harmony played on Drums.The song is all about the guys who are teasing the girl by saying “Uff Arey Tu Mirch Hai Laal Laal Si”.We get to hear Shreya in the starting of the stanzas.The way Shreya sings “Shahrukon Ki Amiron Ki Dhad Copy Hai” is very very cute.I guess the songs of the movie depends on the script of the movie.Thats what Ilayaraja has done here.He has composed according to the script.I hope they will promote the movie well and the songs will get their due.

ps:Shreya’s next Kannada release is Chelluvina Chilipili.I hope the music releases soon !


RUBAI said...

shreya ghoshal rocks
the new nightingale of india\m/

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