Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dochey - Komaran Puli

Finally, the music of Puli has released and as I informed many times earlier, Shreya has a song in it. Someone told me two years ago that Shreya would be singing in Komaran Puli and since then, I was eagerly waiting for the audio.

AR Rahman has composed the music and this is the first time when Shreya is singing a original Telugu track for him.I mean , the rest were bilingual.for eg. Telugu Version of Barso Re , Munbe Vaa, Mannipaaya , etc. Lets come to the song.

The track is titled "Dochey" which means "Steal" (Thanks to my friend for telling the meaning).Hope I am correct!.The track is sung by Shreya , Lady Kash and Krissy.The track runs for 4 minutes 18 seconds.It has all shades of a peppy , jazz and a melody track.It has AR Rahman stamp all over. This kind of a rich track can be composed by him only.The track starts with either Lady Kash or Krissy singing "U One..Make the bad guys cry" and then the other singer continues the song with a peppy+ jazz style. The first interlude is amazing.I always have to think a lot when I have to write about a song by Rahman - Shreya combo. Shreya starts singing after the interlude and takes the song to other level (you can call it a melody).The antaras are so well composed and of course , beautifully sung by our Nightingale.I seriously don't understand how to explain this track. Rahman's composition are so complex that everyone would think twice before writing about it.I am very impressed with the echo at 2:08(which again happens at 3:34 in the second antara). Shreya moulds her voice at 2:36 to suit the theme. The second interlude is fabulous and again , very complex.I am completely addicted to this track.I am hearing this track on repeat mode.Shreya really deserves a Filmfare for this !!

Hats off to Shreya and Rahman !! :)

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