Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pal Mein Mila Jahan - Ashayein

I read an article one year ago and it was mentioned that Shreya has sung in an upcoming Hindi Movie “Ashayein” .Well, it was one year (or more) ago. And I eagerly waited for this movie to release as the concept of the movie was good .I was sure that Shreya must be having a very special song in it. So, lets talk about that special song!

The track is titled “Pal Mein Mila Jahan” and it’s a Shreya solo.It also has another version by Shankar Mahadevan. Music is composed by Salim – Sulaiman. Its a sad track and who else than Shreya could have done justice to this ! Afterall , she is the queen of expressions. The track runs for 5 minutes 30 seconds. Shreya starts with the song. As the title of the song suggests, it has got so much feel and emotions. The instrumentation have been kept very light by the composers and I am completely bowled over with Nightingale’s singing in the song. As I always say, Shreya puts different expressions in every word. Her small humming in the first interlude is so peaceful. It’s a very rich composition which needs a big applause .I must say that Salim – Sulaiman are very talented composers and every track of Shreya with them is so special and unique! I liked thw way Shreya put a fabulous harkat in the word “chooti” in the line “Haathon se ye jannat chooti”. The second interlude will make you cry. The violin piece , followed by a small Piano piece at the background is amazing. The lyrics of the second antara are even more fabulous. Shreya ends the song slowly with her sweet voice.

I bow to you Shreya. Thanks for giving us this song. Hats off to Shreya and Salim – Sulaiman. Hope to hear

more new songs by this wonderful combo!

Your loss if you miss this wonderful track !

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