Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chita Pata Pata - Matthe Mungaaru

Some days ago, I posted a video here in which Shreya was recording a sweet Kannada song for an upcoming movie “Matte Mungaaru’. The song is finally released. I didn’t know that the song would release so soon. Music is composed by X Paul Raj

Anyways, the song is titled “Chita Pata Pata” and it’s a duet by Shreya and Karthik. It runs for 4 minutes 52 seconds. I simply loved this song when I saw its video ( about which I was talking in the starting).Its a romantic melody, having very slight shades of Galiye Nodu Baa. The first line of the song itself is so mesmerizing and impressive. Shreya starts the song with her soulful voice and Karthik continues with the song. The instrumentation of the song is light and instruments like Guitar have been used. There is something very catchy about the song which I cannot describe ( Well , that’s the specialty of a great song , right? ).

The first interlude has a soft piece played on Guitar followed by some violin piece. Shreya starts with the antara and the Guitar piece in the background play a good role. The whispering of “Chita Pata Pata” after the first stanza is quite amazing. Wish that was also kept in Shreya’s voice. The last antara has some Hindi lyrics as well (like pal pal pal har pal) .Shreya’s humming after the second antara is very mesmerizing. I am sure this song will top the charts soon !

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Pramod said...

The music director of this song was assistant music director to both AR Rahman and Illayaraja. This song will become one of the best songs of shreya in kannada.
Waiting for Shreya-Mano murthy-Yogaraj Bhat combination song in pancharangi and the song is ninnayaa nalumeya lokaké..... After huge success of this combo in manasaare(naa naguva modalene), there will be more expectation on this song as well.