Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta

Finally, I am posting about my favorite song from Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta. I am extremely sorry guys….was not well, so couldn’t write in the blog. I was also tweeting very less but I am fine now. So, I am here with my next post.

The music of Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta released when I was in Bangalore. Anyway, let’s talk about the song. Personally, I was eagerly waiting for Shreya’s songs in this album because it has music by Ustaad Shujaat Hussain Khan and I knew that it’s going to be something really mind-blowing. Shreya has sung two songs in the movie, one being a solo and other a duet with Udit Narayan.

The first track which I am going to write about is my current favorite which is titled “Baar Haan Dil Mein Ik Sawal Aaya”. I also gave the youtube link of its trailer some days ago. It’s a Shreya solo and it has all shades of a ghazal, romance and sadness. It runs for 5 minutes 9 seconds. It starts with an amazing symphony and then Shreya starts with the song. Though its completely a ghazal but its theme is both romance and sadness. The lyrics are very deep and as expected, Ustaad has completely done justice with the composition and what to say about Shreya , she has put all her heart in the song (which she already does). The composition flows very well with the lyrics. The composer has used light instruments Like Santoor , Tabla , etc.The antaras are amazing and Shreya puts small harkats flawlessly in every line. I really liked the way she rendered “Dil Hai Bezaar, Jism Bejaan Hai..Koi Ehsaas Hi Nahi Baaki…Na Ye Aankhein Ye Soch Ke Hui Nam” .Overall, a masterpiece. Hats off to Shreya, composer and the lyricist!

Next song is titled “Behoshi Nasha Khushboo” which is a duet by Shreya and Udit. It’s a very long duet which runs for 8 minutes. It’s a romantic track, but not a usual romantic track which you hear nowadays. It starts with a very mesmerizing symphony played on flute. Udit Narayan starts the song with his heavy voice. Though he is not my favorite but he sounds good to me in this track. Shreya follows the same lines with her honey soaked voice. The song is supported by all amazing classical instruments like Sitar, flute, etc. The interludes are not too long.The first antara is sung by Udit Narayan. Note the singing by Shreya from 03:45 – 03:54. The second interlude is again supported by a great symphony played on flute which takes you to some other world. The second antara is sung by Shreya. O God!! What emotions!!..Note the way she sings “Bheege Hai Paseene Mein”. There is one more antara which is sung by both Shreya and the male singer. I am really impressed with the songs, specially with the solo.

I hope we get to hear more of these in our Nightingale’s voice :)...I really hope that these songs get promoted on television, unlike the amazing Bahara :(


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