Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sol Pechu - Thillalangadi

I am here with my new post and this time, its about a Tamil song. Many of you must remember the article which had mentioned about Shreya’s duet with KS Chitra in Thillalangadi. I didn’t trust the article fully because these days, many fake news are track lists are entertaining people. I also asked Shreya about this song when I met her for the second time. She was sure that it was recorded quite some months ago. Let me come to the song now.

The track is titled “Sol Pechu” and is sung by Shreya , Chitra and Yuvan . Music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. I am happy to see Shreya back with Yuvan after Anukoledenadu. Its a peppy track which runs for 4 minutes 55 seconds. The track starts with singing by Yuvan and Chitra follows after him. To be frank , I am not too impressed with Chitra’s singing this time.She sounds too shrill at times in the mukhda , specially at 1:25. Anyway , Shreya starts singing at 1:05 and completely overshadows the other singer with her flawless singing. The first interlude is rocking which also involves singing by Yuvan. The antaras are amazingly sung by Shreya and Chitra also sounds nice in the antaras. The stanzas are not too long. Nice to hear Shreya with Chitra this time. Its the first duet by both of them. If Yuvan had used little less of technology in the mukhda , then Chitra wouldn’t have sounded that shrill in the starting. Shreya is, as usual , amazing in the song. I am really impressed with the song and I hope they promote it well.

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