Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Megher Palok

These days we are getting to hear many great Bangla songs by Shreya. Here comes one titled “Megher Palok” from the movie “Natobar Not Out” . Shreya even tweeted about the song some days ago. Music is composed by Debjyoti Mishra.

The song runs for approximately 4 minutes. Its unique in its own way. The starting interlude of the song is very soothing. I felt as if it’s a composition of Ilayaraja (only starting). Shreya starts with the song at 0:38 singing in her honey soaked voice. The song is simple , yet very difficult to sing ! The song has a lot of expressions and only Shreya can do justice to that. The composer have kept the instrumentation very light and has focused more on the voice. I really liked the way she sang “Niti nritya ..keje nache “ (sorry for wrong spellings). It has only one antara which is fabulous and as I said , it includes a lot of feel and expressions. Shreya’s singing from 2:31 , followed by her beautiful alaap takes me to some another world. This song also has some difficult words which I’ve never heard. I repeat again , the line “niti nritye ..keje nache” really impressed me a lot. Its one of the best Bangla songs of Shreya till date. Fabulous singing by Shreya , as usual :-)


Shubhabrata said...

What an amazing song..I really want to thank you for your blog..If not for your blog we would have missed out on so many good songs of Shreya..A big thank you..

p.s The line which you liked so much "niti nritye..keje nache" is taken from a very famous Tagore song :)

Nishant said...

Thanks a lot Shubhabrata..Its my pleasure :)

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