Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finally back !! Hearty Congratulations to Shreya for "Shreya Ghoshal Day" in Ohio

Hi Shreya fans.. I am finally back to my real work i.e. blogging about My Idol Shreya. I really missed blogging , tweeting Shreya , writing posts in orkut community of Shreya. Though I didn't miss the tweets from Shreya because most of the time , Kiran Raj and Supreet was there to send me tweets of Shreya as sms.

In this vacation , I got a big news that some lady had announced "Shreya Ghoshal Day" in Ohio on 26th June. Many Many Congratulations to Our Queen. She truly deserves even more than that.Two days ago , I even told her mother that for them , may be 26th June is a Shreya Ghoshal Day but for me , every day is a Shreya Ghoshal Day and she really found it very sweet.Once again , Congratulations to Shreya :)..God Bless her always

ps: Will post about Mr.Singh Mr. Mehta tomorrow !

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