Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ee Preethi - Preethiya Loka

This is my third continuous post and this time, its about a very new Kannada track. Its from the movie “Preethiya Loka” .The song is titled ‘Ee Preethi Bandakshana”.Its a duet by Shreya and Karthik. Music is composed by Sai Kiran.

If I am not wrong, Shreya is working for the first time with Sai Kiran. The track runs for 4 minutes 45 seconds.Its a romantic track. It starts with a symphony played on Guitar. The song reminds me of amazing Kannada romantic tracks of Shreya like Saviyu Saviyu. Karthik starts with the song and Shreya sounds angelic and I am really addicted to this track. The instrumentation is light and flows very well with the theme of the song. The antaras are very well composed and of course, sung amazingly by our Nightingale. The emotions she puts in every line is worth a standing ovation, rather more than that. The second interlude involves a harmony by the singers in which Shreya sings in low notes and Karthik in high notes followed by a beautiful tune played on tune. I don’t know what is the correct word to praise the stanzas. Should I say haunting or romantic? Note the way Shreya sings Ninanna with her beautiful smile at 3:40.

Overall , a perfect romantic track. Kudos to My God Shreya for rendering this song !!..Hope you people don’t miss this song.

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