Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life is a song for Shreya Ghoshal

At 26, she’s already one of the leading playback singers of the country and her four national awards prove that there’s no fluke in it. In the city for her first public concert, Shreya Ghoshal talks about her journey from a Bengali girl-next-door to Bollywood’s music sensation.

The singer who catapulted into the limelight when she won the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contest naturally favours reality shows. “These shows are not just talent hunts. They are TV programmes too and hence are packaged with masala and emotional content. While the SMS system may not necessarily recognise the most talented participant, the exposure with millions watching one performing on TV for so long is always there. A lot of contestants are doing concerts, if not singing in films or recording for private albums. Success comes to everyone who makes it to these TV shows,” she says.

Shreya feels that she has a long way to go and a lot more to achieve. “National awards are the most prestigious awards for an Indian artiste and I never expected to get them as I never sang for awards. I want to create ground-breaking music. People should remember me for my work.”

Shreya goes on to inform that she is toying with the idea of coming out with a non-film private album. “Every playback singer should do non-film songs or an album. The problem is that unlike earlier, there are very few non-film music producers these days. I think one has to devise a creative way to promote non-film music.”

She has, in fact, a day dedicated to her in the US state of Ohio and that puts her right next to Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore. “It was a surprise to be bestowed with the honour of June 26 being declared as Shreya Ghoshal Day in Ohio,” she says.

The singer made her debut in Tollywood with Nuvvemmaya Chesavo in Okkadu and says she’s loves the city for various reasons. “I’ve done plenty of Telugu songs and loved working with composers like Devi Sri Prasad, Radha Krishna and others. I also hope to meet one of my favourite composers, M.M. Keeravani. I also feel that the Hyderabadi audience make artistes feel loved. Also, I love Hyderabadi biryani!”



Sehrinaz said...

Hi Nishant, it's me again :)

There are remarkable things in this article. I want to start with why are singers in India let themselfs call playback singers. I really don't get that. Sheya iis the voice and the actress is acting with her voice, so who's the playback singer?? Stars are giving concerts, how many actors/actrices do you know who actually can sing? Non!! So I think Shreya should call herself a singer. Would people say oh Sheya singed these song, or would they remember Aishwarya, Rani, Kareena whoever playbacking the song. In my country singers are worshipped are carried on their heads, I don't get that impression with Indian audiences. An actor is an actor and a singer is a singer, why is one more appericiated. As long as both do their work good that means they are equal. Singers can't explore if they are treated like a lower cast. Shreya says "People should remember me for my work.” I totally agree with this. She should do music that she loves not what the audience wants. We as audience will get used to it, it's always been so why not now. I want Shreya Ghoshal to say "I wrote this song or I choosed this song because..." It's a shame that the are not much producers for non-film music. How can they not make an album for someone who's won 4 times National Awards?? Bollywood singers get scared by this so they can't explore. With money in you're pocket everything is possible. But I think the producers are scared that it will flop, so what. Look in the industry of movies i would say, how many movies are big hits?? do the stop making movies NO, then why stop the singers get a chance to experience. Promoting should not be a problem, Shreya told the TV is way to break through, why not using it? I believe she has friends in the industry, it shoudn't be a problem, try media or even internet. Couldn't find an producer in India? try outside India. If the first step is made ball will roll by itself. With a voice like Shreya evrybody will die to work with her. What I wrote above isn't counting only for Shreya, but for other Bollywoodsingers too. As long as the will is inside Shreya Ghoshal's heart I will support her no mather what.

Love you Shreya :))

Nishant said...


I guess you took the line "Producers are less for albums" quite very seriously...Did Shreya say that she won't do an album if producers are less? She was just telling what is the actual condition..Hop u got it nw :)..And Shreya will come gift us an beautiful album soon :)

Tusshar said...

Such a well composed article. Shreya deserves all recognitions that she's got. I think the media underrates deserving singers while giving the spotlight to the glitz and glamour of actors. I think singers, especially the best ones like Shreya, deserve a better deal.