Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pyaar Itna Na Kar - A Flat

Well, I still have to write 5-6 more posts in the blog as there has been many new releases of Shreya recently and I really hope that it continues. This post is about her new Hindi song from the movie “A Flat”.

The song is titled “Pyaar Itna Na Kar”. Its composed by Bappi Lahiri’s son Bappa Lahiri. Shreya has worked with him many times before in Hindi and Bangla. Coming back to the song, its a romantic song which runs for 5 minutes.Its a solo by Shreya. Frankly telling, Bappa's compositions never impressed me much before but this composition is totally awesome..just out of the world!! It falls in the category of Saasein Madhdham Hain from Kasak.Shreya is, as usual at her best. The instrumentation is awesome with very light western beats. The innterludes are simply mindblowing. The first interlude includes some light tune played on piano followed by light western beats and strings. The antaras are well composed and ofcourse, amazingly sung by our Shreya. I don't know what should I say about Shreya's singing. In each and every song, she leaves me speechless. Her rendition is so mesmerizing here. The second interlude is even more great, which involves a beautiful piece played on some string instrument. Shreya ends the song beautifully with her amazing short alaap. Hope no one will miss this masterpiece! Hats off!


Sehrinaz said...


Bappi's son has done a great job in choosing the music. It's not disturbing me as the song Piriter Eto Jala Re. Starts great with guitar and chello. In my opinion a great chill music. Nothing to say about Shreya's talents. If the music is good she comes more alive and performs outstanding. She understands the meaning of the music instruments. Wish the alaap was longer.

prabakaran said...

ya itss a superb melody luv it!!! the final humming touch given by our queen is the best part of the song luvvv it a lottt !!