Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prem By Chance (Bangla Movie)

Lets talk about Shreya’s new Bangla song from the movie “Prem By Chance”. Music has been composed by Rupankar.

The track is titled “Uri Uri Hoy” and its a duet by Shreya and Shaan. Its a peppy track which runs for 4 minutes 12 seconds. Shaan sings the whole mukhda and Shreya starts the song with the first antara. The song has been supported by saxaphone, drums and other light western instruments. Shreya starts at 2:10 with her versatile vocals. Again, our queen has modulated her voice to suit the need of the song. Its a simple peppy song but the main thing about it is the westernized harmony by Shreya at the end. Dnt miss it! Shreya rocks :)

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Sehrinaz said...


I didn't like it, it has nothing special. The music has a good start but then it looses my attention, not gripping. Shreya starts good with her part but her voice is too sweet for the music. The only thing I liked was the
second vocal voice of Shreya, the solo violin part and Shreya ending the song in western style.