Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dil ko Chura Ke - Arohan

This post is about Shreya’s new Hindi song from a Bangla Movie..sounds different huh? Yes, it’s a bangle movie but the song which Shreya has sung is in Hindi.

The song is titled “Dil ko Chura Ke” . It’s a solo by Shreya which is composed by Suparno Kanti Ghosh. The song has a duration of 4 minutes 30 seconds.It starts with a beautiful humming by Shreya followed by a awesome piece played on sarangi. I liked the way Shreya sang “chale jaana na” after humming the portion of “dil ko chura ke”. It’s a very very sweet song and I liked it in the first hearing itself. The song has both the feelings of sadness and happiness, where the girl wants her lover to go but only after taking her heart. The lyrics are very sweet as well. Instrumentation has been kept in a light mode and do I need to say anything about Shreya’s singing? As I always say, she puts emotions in every single word. The lyrics gets its meaning only after the singer like Shreya gives them her beautiful voice .Hope you people will not miss the song!

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Sehrinaz said...

Hallo ;

It's indeed a well written text. Shreya sings in such a way that makes me feel that she has a hope that her lover in de song will not leave. Yet the instrument sarangi (as u say, dont't know the name of it) and the flute gives it a sad happening. Love the violins in the background too. I think it's a lovely love song.