Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thangaliyalli - Veera Parampare (Kannada)

Next post is about a new Kannada song from the movie “Veera Parampare”. The music has been composed by S Narayan.

The song is titled “Thangaliyalli” and Shreya has sung it with Karthik. It runs for 4 minutes 20 seconds. It starts with a chorus singer singing some western tunes followed by a tune played nicely on Guitar. Shreya starts with the song first with her honey soaked voice. It’s a light westernized melody and the lines by the chorus singer repeats after every interlude. The song is a nice blend of Indian and light western music. The way Shreya lifts the song with the first word is very impressive. The song has been supported by saxophone, electric guitar, etc. The interludes are nicely made according to the theme of the song. Karthik has given good support to Shreya. Hope you’ll enjoy the track!


Sehrinaz said...


This track got my attention by the first hearing. Great combination of western and eastern music. Has a little bit funky style. Karthik is a good singer, his voice suits Shreya's voice. Shreya is magnificent. She amazes me every time. That's why I love her way of singing. Both carries the music well. Don't miss this great piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Hello nishant, i didnt found a better way to communicate with you. Please delete this after reading it. I somehow managed to find the instrumental version of all tracks of mungaru male. It is available at instrumental section. And if you have time, please once go with the second track of album, the title track(mungaaru maleye). It has the same tune of ivanu geleyanalla. Everytime i hear this, i feel like i am drenched in rain. and of course you may not find araluthiru instrumental, but it is same as anisuthide instrumental.

Nishant said...

Whosoever you are..Thanks a million man!! U fulfilled my wish

I always wanted instrumental version of Shreya's kannada songs..Thanks a ton.. I dnt hav words to thank u..

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